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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Attitude; Change Your Attitude, Change Your Perspective

Have you ever been told to change your attitude about something? For example, whether it is about “stay at home moms”, “homeschooling” or any subject up for discussion?

Have you ever thought about it this way?  Which comes first in this process, changing your attitude or changing your perspective?  Have you ever changed your attitude after you have changed your perspective? or vice versa?

rp_5617089955_d20fe0f1ab.jpgBecoming unsatisfied with the available public schools, might lead to you changing your mind about the appropriateness of homeschooling for your family.

Debate teams prepare to be able to defend both sides of a disputed issue and this prepares them to see the points of view or perspectives of both sides.  Lawyers often participate in debating in order to help them to be able to take both sides of a disputed issue such as “guilty” or “innocent” in court.

rp_2269499855_31a018a8f6_m.jpgWe often jump to conclusions and staunchly take one side in an upcoming vote in our government.  Who do we prize? People who can change their minds when necessary and alter their perspective to do this or people who stick to “their guns” no matter what?

Gaining knowledge is a process of gathering information and evaluating the appropriateness of it as well as altering theories when necessary to fit new information.

Versus Bad Vibrations

Versus Bad Vibrations

Think of how science has changed when it comes to considering what matter and energy are made of.   Initially, it was atoms, neutrons, and protons.  Then it was found that matter and energy were interchangeable.  Now we focus upon waves of energy as the foundation of matter.

Yes, being too flexible can be inappropriate at times.  For example, you go to a car show where different car dealers are offering their latest models for sale and as you go from booth to booth or exhibit after exhibit, you find yourself constantly persuaded that the latest car offered is the best.

rp_6544823393_9183bdeff5_m.jpgIt may be that from one perspective, i.e. cost, one vehicle is the best; but from the perspective of safety, another car is the best.  Or the vehicle that might attract the younger crowd appeals to the man or woman in a mid-life crisis.


The Mirror Of Life

life-is-a-mirror-1024x682(pp_w649_h432)What we encounter in the mirror of life is important for our personal development.  Things come into our lives to reflect different parts of ourselves that we often can not see otherwise.

The mirror of life does not reflect the same things to different people.  Psychological studies have shown that when people who witness the same scene are asked to recall what they saw, they will recall different things depending on who they are and what they are interested in.  Picture a murder scene in a mansion.  Besides the family of the murder victim, there are three witnesses.  An interior decorator remembers the abominable decor and what horrible taste the murder victim had who owned the mansion, a mechanical engineer remembers how hot it was in the room and that the air conditioning system must not have been working and that the body would decompose rapidly, and a psychologist might have noted that the members of the murder victim’s family who were present were not very upset.  Different things struck the attention of each witness and it effected what they remembered and/or found significant.

life is a mirrorThe mirror of life just does not only reflect our interests in life, but also presents certain things for us to see and experience.  Some religious or spiritual people feel that certain people and certain things show up in our life for a reason.  For example, a person who is not comfortable being around people with developmental disabilities might find themselves having a child or grandchild with Down syndrome.  Other people who are sensitive to certain kinds of slights are more likely to interpret or misinterpret what might seem to another person just to be a harmless remark.  An extreme form of this is paranoia.

The judgments that you pass about a given situation or certain person may tell more about you than it does about the situation or the person that you make a comment on.  Psychologically a person or persons who find overweight people disgusting may be hiding the fact that they have an eating disorder and are secretly scared that they might become overweight themselves.  On the one hand, what you comment on in a given situation presented to you by the mirror of life might reveal more about you than you would like.  On the other hand, you can use this information to understand yourself better and possibly even make changes in the way you do and see things.

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Appreciate Things

Photo of a slice of coconut cream pie. Taken a...

Photo of a slice of coconut cream pie. Taken at the Golden Nugget Restaurant, Chicago, Ill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So many things once thought useless have been found to be invaluable.  The world is fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is like brussel sprouts which you might not like and somebody else finds delicious.  There is even the possibility that sometime in your life you might change your mind.  I did about coconut.  Initially I would scrape off coconut on top of cakes and when I bit into a chocolate from a box of candies and found I had gotten one with coconut inside, I would spit it out.  Then I discovered German chocolate cake with pecans and coconut flakes in the frosting and creamy coconut spread from Florida.  Now I will even eat one slice of coconut cream pie.  Basically I have found I like coconut flavor, not so much coconut in the form of flakes.  Give yourself a chance, give someone else a chance, the world comes in a lot of flavors.  You may be missing something.

Don’t say I’ll  never or you might have to eat your words.  I said I would never work in a nursing home or with the mentally retarded.  Guess what happened?  I had to eat my words.  I was afraid of death after an unfortunate experience as a child and then I wound up helping lay someone out who had died where I worked and visiting the embalming room of a funeral home.


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Please Don’t Ignore Me

English: Ewe and lambs at Derwen "If we i...

English: Ewe and lambs at Derwen "If we ignore him perhaps he'll go away!" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please don’t ignore me.  Acknowledge that I am here.  You can be lonely in a crowd or happy with your own company.  There are so many people in the world and you are part of it.  You can be forgotten in a moment and lost in a crowd.  You can be one with nature and fly with the clouds.  Be aware that other people exist and they will be aware that you exist.

You can be self-centered and only your world exists.  People get in your way and are only of use to you when you want something from them, often it is only an audience that you want.  You have a mutual admiration society always with you: me, myself, and I.  Taking advantage of the someone else’s point of view can magnify your experience of the world.  You don’t know what you are missing until you tune in to somebody else.

Ignore me and you ignore you at some other place and time.  I am a mirror of you and your reflection as seen in me is startlingly evident if you just pay attention.  Please don’t ignore me.  I won’t ignore you.

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How often do you reevaluate your life.  Is it working for you?  Are you the same person you were ten or fifteen years ago.  Do your friends and family know the real you?  Do you know the real you?  Where did the old you go?  Do you have to remain the same to avoid upsetting other people’s apple-carts?  Do you have to remain the same to avoid feeling guilty about what you might have done in the past that you wouldn’t do now?  If I change, does that mean that more than half of my life or three quarters of my life or maybe just the first eighteen years was wasted doing the wrong thing.

Life is fluid and changes as you change.  You change as life changes.  Which came first the chicken or the egg?  Change is inevitable.  Even if you don’t change, you can’t stop others from changing.  The mother goes back to work when the children have all started school.  The father has a midlife crisis.  One partner is confounded by the other partner’s desire to split up and finds that the other partner has been living a secret life.  Even if you resist it, change finds you.

Maybe you change first.  Knowing what I know now that I didn’t know then, I can’t behave the same way this time.  There is a strong desire in some if not all people for consistency and order in life.  To avoid the anxiety caused by uncertainty, people often allow someone or something to dictate what they should do.  This is why many times that young people are susceptible to cults.  It has all the answers and they don’t have to think for themselves.   The military might also serve this purpose with young recruits.

Chicken Or The Egg

Chicken Or The Egg (Photo credit: Becky F)

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Space

Social network
Social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gain a new perspective.  Look at things from other people’s point of view.  Due to modern technology, our neighborhood has expanded  from our local area to the world to the universe.  What seems comfortable to us, may not seem comfortable to others far away from here.  The internet and the social networks have made this possible.  I have friends in Australia, England, and India as well as the west coast.  What seems like a good idea to us, may not seem like one to others.

If we continue to view things from only our point of view,  we maybe out of sync with the rest of the world.  With a global economy, things that happen far away can effect us at home.
Farmers are now paying attention to what is happening in other countries as this might effect prices gotten for agricultural products here.  Some have even moved to South America to do business there.

Close to home, adopting another family member’s stance might lead to reconciliation.  How often are adults’ ideas of appropriate behavior a poor match to what is really going on in a child’s mind.  How we can ignore what will eventually effect us.  I don’t know.  Not only do we need to know ourselves and how we see the world, but also we need the same information about others if we are going to work with them effectively.  How many work place conflicts could be resolved if we did this.

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