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The Competitive Edge

Pope Francis waves to crowds

Pope Francis waves to crowds (Photo credit: Christus Vincit)

What is the winning combination?  It has often been thought to be the competitive edge.  I may be going out on a limb here; but I think that the new Pope has it.  Humility and warmth is part of what is so attractive about him.  I don’t think that he became a Catholic priest expecting to be the Pope.  It appears that all the pomp and circumstance that go with being a Pope is not that attractive to him.  What he seems to desire most is contact with the people.  He is unselfconscious and he is more concerned about what he can do for the job than what the job can do for him.  Hallelujah!

Pope Francis does not seem to be all caught up in the trappings of office and the privileges it can bring.  If anything these benefits of office are not that attractive to him and may get in the way of what he wants to do in the job.  He realizes that the job is bigger than the man and he can not, without God’s help, live up to the expectations that go along with such a position.  He seems to realize that he has been given a great responsibility and besides from being extremely honored, he is somewhat overwhelmed at the magnitude of the job he has to do.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t thought, “Who me?” when the election results were given.

For the Catholic church hierarchy working with Pope Francis may be a humbling experience.  Just as Jesus rejected being made King, this Pope will respect the office to which he has been elected and reject being perceived as anything other than being another human being before he received his elevation to Pope.

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