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Why Do We Reinvent The Wheel In Government And Discard It


Politicians seem to lose track of what real life in this world is like.  In education, it is easier to achieve some concrete standard which is rotely learned (meeting the new core curriculum standards perhaps?) and then forgotten if not used or attached to other knowledge in a useful way to form a platform to go on to the next step, the next new idea, that might facilitate gaining new knowledge.

It becomes more difficult to encourage children and adults too to follow their own path, see their own world as it really is and from this create a new and better world with ideas possibly never thought of before.  One size does not fit all.  Why are we not allowed to try others on.  Charter schools are a good example of this type of education which is being chipped away at by new government decisions limiting or dis-enabling them.

Are We Giving It All Away?  Why do we create something that serves it purpose and abandon it or give it all away.  NASA for example.  Now who is in charge of our space program, our cold war “buddy”, Russia?  What will it cost to rebuild it if this falls through instead of maintaining or extending what we had.  How many jobs were lost in the United States.  How many new ideas came from the program and where will they come from now?  Other countries?

Locally we had a fine, effective maximum security prison.  It was shut down.  It is now unused after putting much time and effort into it.  The prisoners have been transferred to less secure, older, mostly run down prisons without the staff to control or facilities to control these type of offenders.

What do we do to a prisoner who repeatedly murders other offenders and is a constant real threat to staff as well.  Also consider the jobs lost or the transfers that had to be taken if an employee was to keep his or her job with the transition.  Hours of training gone up in smoke.

Why change when we can maintain perhaps even expand fruitfully what we have already developed?  There is a constant waste of manpower, concrete facilities, and the lose of ability to compete in this world.  We used to be number one.  Now where are we?

Poverty and desolation is wide spread.  There are areas in cities like Chicago and Detroit that are no man’s lands and no reasonable person would drive through them let alone live in them  Life in the ghetto is a one way street often with only one possible destination.  More children are born with out the resources to make them productive useful citizens and life often has a cheap price as a surprising number  of sometimes random, useless murders occur there almost daily.  The most practical occupations there are often being a welfare recipient or drug dealer.  How do you gain an identity?  Join a gang or, if female, attach yourself to someone who is in a gang.

If I am wrong, tell me as I would like to be wrong about this.