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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

Modern society has its disadvantages.  Sunday used to be a day of rest.  Stores were closed.  No one worked or did business that day.  It was a time for worship, recreation, and rest or R and R.  There was time for naps, reading the Sunday paper, socialization at church, and family gatherings.

When it got dark in the evening, it was difficult to see to do work or travel.  Things shut down at sun down.  You put your eight hours in in the day and you had your nights to yourself.  Now we are busy almost every evening doing things we didn’t get done during the day or attending activities.  Families are so over scheduled these days that kids and parents are not getting enough sleep and their stress levels go up.  Bread winners are working overtime and young people can’t have just one after school activity or a weekend job.

Families don’t get to see each other or when they do they are part of a huge audience of like-minded parents and don’t actually get to spend time with their kids.  Teenagers disappear to attend extensive practices and work lots of hours.  A family meal is a thing of the past.  Working parents are not going to prepare supper somewhere in the middle of this time crunch and a lot of fast food gets eaten.

People don’t have conversations any more and take a break to spend some time catching up with friends.  Time that used to be spent talking on the phone is spent texting and waiting for a reply and catching up with social sites on the internet and playing games on apps on phones.

Teenagers, and probably adults too, are also not getting enough sleep as electronic gadgets and artificial light are keeping them awake and interfering with the production of melatonin which would help them sleep.

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