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road rage

The Most Dangerous Words: I Love You.


Three simple words, “I love you,” but very dangerous.  Can a boyfriend say this to a girlfriend or vice versa?  What if he or she doesn’t say it back?


Jesus said, “Love your enemies.”  This can be done silently or out loud.   Love is the match for hate.  Remember your enemies will have a long hard row to hoe someday.  God reminds us of this.


Enemies, a Love Story

Enemies, a Love Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am not the judge of someone else.  I don’t know what God knows or the other person knows so how could I know is right for them.


I try to keep my temper; but sometimes emotions comes first before rational thought.  Remember this is not the part of the brain that is fully developed in teenagers, young adults, and some adults.


Act without thinking, repent at leisure.  How can it hurt to say I love you (even if only in your head) and go on without behaving rashly or expressing an emotion that can hurt others?

I was the cause? of some road rage yesterday.  I drove through the drive way used to pick up and drop off college students; and I guess I cut off another car that was pulling out after picking someone up or letting someone off.  That car followed me downtown and passed me by going into the oncoming traffic lane.   I had already forgot about the incident until I recognized the car.


Positive thinking is where it is at.  I don’t get anywhere fast; I do some things slowly and I guess incur the rage of some other drivers.  (Don’t worry I have a lead foot sometimes when I am out on the highway whether or not I am in a hurry.)   Usually I look for the beauty in things and people I see around me.  I also look for ways to help people and look out for people.  Occassionally I give a cautious compliment based on what I observe..




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Revenge Often Only Hurts the Victim

Stop sign

Stop sign (Photo credits:

Lately I have been avoiding a lot of accidents and giving other people a break rather than having a well-justified case of road rage.

For example, I made a left turn  on to a main street and there was a box truck backing out on to the street into the lane in front of me.  I had no idea what was going on so I stopped and waited to see what the driver was going to do.  He was trying to back his truck into the service station on that side of the street.  I guess I could have kept going but I didn’t.  The accident would have been his fault because he would have been backing into me.  Would it have been worth an accident to prove I was right and he was wrong?

All kinds of crazy things have been happening to me lately on the road.  A car came up to a stop sign on a side road (I had the right of way as I did not have to stop for the side road.), stopped and pulled out in front of me.  I could have hit him and it would have been his fault.  Would it have been worth it.

I guess this is what some people call driving defensively.  I watch out for what unexpected thing another driver might do.  I call it driving safely.  How bad do I have to assert myself and prove that the another driver is a bad driver and make him or her pay for it.  It is inconvenient, yes; smart, no.



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Is Gratitude Your Attitude?

Road Rage*

Road Rage* (Photo credit: PDXdj)

Focus on the good things.  Look around you and see what you can see that makes you happy.  Your attitude effects others:  not only in the way they see you but also how they feel around you.  I am always saying, “thank you.”  Why should I ruin someone else’s day?  This is not to say that I don’t feel down at times or that I don’t let “things” get me down.  When talking about other people, I point out their good points when other people are focusing on their bad points.   Surprisingly enough, people’s view of me has changed and I have been told at times how nice I am.  This is not to brag but it can show how others’ perceptions of you change when you change.

Focus on what you have rather rather than on what you don’t have.  Usually there is at least some small thing you are grateful for.  There is beauty in simple things.  I happen to live out in the open spaces and frequently see lovely white clouds in a heavenly blue sky.  When I am driving (and I have to go a ways to get anywhere out here), I try to make the drive as pleasant as possible.  Other people can make mistakes either walking or driving down the road.  Do I need to make it worse? with road rage?  I am happy with an accident free drive and once I get where I am going I no longer focus on what could have happened if I or others had not been paying attention.

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Supersonic Feelings

Feelings (David Byrne album)

Feelings can appear with supersonic speed.  Why?  It originally happened probably because for safety reasons people had to react quickly, without hesitation,  in certain situations.  When someone is in immediate danger there literally may not be time to think it through before reacting without dying as a result.  Also feelings automatically in these cases arouse the person and release  energy so that the person can flee the danger or fight the enemy.  A person might say that because of this he or she can’t change his or her behavior; but it can be done.

It is easy  to say then  that a person couldn’t help his or herself from feeling and then reacting without thinking  in the above situations.   A person  can change the way he or she reacts by noticing when he or she does this.  At first the recognition is after the fact.   Saying to him or herself  “”There I did it again,” after an  incident of road rage is over, for example; is such a recognition.  The next step is for the person to catch his or her self in the act of reacting.  For example, ”There I go again flying off the handle and getting myself in trouble.”   Then a person reaches the last step where he or she is aware before they do something that they are getting into a situation where they have gotten upset and reacted impetuously in the past and stop themselves.

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