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Success and Fear

the-greatest-barrier-in-success-is-the-fear-of-failureSuccess and fear.  Are they related?  How could you have one and the other as well.  Well, you can.  For example, if you are a success, it could mean that you will have to perform like a success.  If you are a success doing one thing, then you might be expected to be a success at doing other things as well.  If you are a success once, you might be expected to repeat it a second, a third, or a multitude of times.   If you are a success, you might be expected to look like a success, live like a success,etc.  If you are a success, you might be expected to be happy.  If you are a success then someone else might try to compete with you.  If you are a success then the competition increases it becomes more difficult to be a success.  If you are a success and then you fail, you might feel worse than if you had never succeeded at all.success-churchill-550x240


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Thoughts For The Day


Bullying (Photo credits:

Again, think for yourself.  Take what you can use and discard the rest.  I am only providing food for thought based on my learning and experience.  To each, his own conclusions.

Hypnosis can boost self-esteem so it is not fixed.  How do you fix it without hypnosis?  The most important person to love (and like as well) is you.  What does your inner voice (the thoughts that go through your mind) say?  Are there constant criticisms and “put downs.”  Some people judge themselves more harshly than they should.  How well do you treat yourself?  How you treat yourself can affect how others treat you.  How you treat others also reflects how you view yourself.

I was once asked to do research with mentally retarded adults; but I said, “No,” at that time.  Little did I know was that I would end up working with them anyway.   The biggest problem that I had was that I thought of them as having fewer skills and good qualities than a normal person.  I wondered if they were they were God’s mistakes?  I had a hard time accepting that God would make mistakes like that.   Later I came to the conclusion that we are all equal in God’s eyes (even if we couldn’t see how or why) and that any handicapped person is to be treated with the same respect and consideration as anyone else.

Lack of confidence in oneself can lead to bullying behavior as a constant reassurance that the person doing the bullying is better than the person being bullied.  Actually if a person has self-confidence and good self-esteem, they don’t need to prove it to others or themselves in this way.  At the very least, people with good self-esteem don’t look for people to be better than and they don’t have to point this out to others in the form of the judgments they make about other people.  Often these people are revealing by their criticisms of others what they fear others seeing as wrong with them.

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