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Fantasy And Reality Are Not That Far Apart


Fantasy and reality are not that far apart.  You know they are the same in your heart.  There are many similarities between fantasy and reality.  Fantasy is just the way you’d like things to be and reality is just the way things are right now.  How often does fantasy lead to reality?  How many things have been played out in fantasy before they made it to reality.  How about Leonardo Da Vinci and the sketches he drew of things that didn’t make it to reality until now.  Yes, fantasy did become reality just not then.

The scary thing is that bad things follow the same method of manifestation.  Sexual offenders and terrorists often start the same way by thinking of what what they would like to do and then imagining it really happening.  Is this maybe why pornography, video games, and horror movies sometimes can have such harmful effects.  Things can be initially tried out by performing relatively harmless acts.  When they begin to lose their effect (the thrill is lost) and/or the reward that they get from doing them is not large enough, the things that they do become more and more harmful and take more and more daring.  They go from harmless? fantasy and reality becomes the next step.  The perpetrator then performs the actual act,i.e. rape, murder, or terrorism.


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