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Which Helps Us Grow Better?


Parenting (Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov)

Mistakes? or Successes?

Current thoughts on child-rearing encourage giving children a lot of complements.  Yes, initially when a behavior is just being established, it can be shaped by rewarding approximations to the desired end behavior.  At some point, praise can become meaningless if the performance being applauded is mediocre.  This does not prepare a child for the real world where competition is stiff and you can not hold a job and not accomplish something that justifies it.

Making mistakes can be a learning experience.  Sometimes knowing what can make something go wrong is the key to success.  For example, one may have a beautiful recipe for a cake that gets rave reviews, but it is not known what makes this recipe successful until something randomly is left out or the amount of it is reduced or  increased and it fails.  .

This is often where the breakdown occurs between generations in a family business.  The parent or grandparent is perhaps even a genius at what he or she does and has gotten where he or she is by hard work and sacrifice.  The heir can not just show up for work with little knowledge of the business and no idea of what it takes to continue the businesses’ success and grow the business because if a business doesn’t continue to grow, it will start slipping and fail.  A person learns by experiencing not only successes, but also failures.  Sometimes other employees in the family business are afraid to tell the boss’s son or daughter that he or she goofed and that if he or she keeps doing something that way it will have an adverse effect on business.

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