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Forgive Yourself

If you forgive yourself, you can forgive others.  If you have a conscience and most of us do (even criminals), you are aware when you slip up.  Hopefully learning is a life long process and things that you might have done in the past, you wouldn’t do now.

You may have treated others badly in the past.  Perhaps you were just a child and you bullied or picked on another child just because everybody else was doing it and if you sided with the person being teased, you might get treated like them.  You realize now how badly you hurt this child.  You learned something and perhaps your behavior has changed because of this.  You might have realized that it was not the child’s fault  that he or she was bullied.  For example, no one chooses to be mentally retarded or poor.  When your behavior changes, it is time to forgive yourself and realize you were a child at the time.

Being a parent is a tough job for which we receive very little training and often undertake when we are very young and immature.  We often hopefully learn by experience.  We do things that when we look backward, we wish that we had neverEnglish: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

done.  We deliberately had three children within a very short period of time because we did not have much time to do it as we were at the end of our thirties.  They were always fighting among themselves and when they weren’t doing this, they would gang up on the caregiver.  This was extremely frustrating and I would sometimes blow my top and  use my extensive vocabulary of swear words to express my feelings of frustration.  Fortunately they, as a group, would retreat to the farthest reaches of the house and wait for me to cool off.  I don’t cuss anymore and have often felt guilty for this until they told me that they didn’t take me too seriously when it happened and they had a way to escape my “wrath.” I didn’t used to like the picture that this gave of myself as a parent; but I have accepted it now and forgiven myself.

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Your Words and Their Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Different words have different vibrations.  Some are good and some are bad.  Many people think that what they say does not effect others.  “If I feel like swearing, I’m going to swear.  They’re just words.”  That is what I used to think and I had a very colorful vocabulary having worked with people who could cuss up a storm.  It used to be that men did not cuss around women and parents didn’t want their children to hear those words especially when they were first learning to talk.  It has always been a sign of respect to watch your language around certain people.

Now science is proving this.  For example, there is a book, The Message from Water by Dr. Emoto.  Dr. Emoto taped pieces of paper with words typed on them to glasses of water.  “Good” words, when the water was frozen, created beautiful crystals.  “Bad” words caused chaos in the frozen water. What do you think cuss words would do when exposed to water? Does this make you more or less likely to swear?

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