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Control Freaks, My Way Or The Highway

control freakDo you have problems around the issue of control? Do you live with a control freak or are you a control freak?  Indirectly you may be one if you let everybody else take control.  Are you flexible?  Do you want to reduce stress?  In order to get a task done, do you usually have to compromise?  Do you run upon people who you can’t count on even if they are a lot of fun to be with and they take control that way?  Does someone who throws a lot of  (you think unnecessary) paperwork at you and who demands that you follow numerous rules and regulations as well drive you crazy?

Do you stay in control by letting other people take control?  Do you ever think that you will get to a win-win solution for both yourself and the other person or persons involved?  Traumatic, isn’t it?  Have you ever felt like you were a doormat?  Everybody steps on you and then wipes their dirty feet on you?  Ready to quit working with these types of people and start over somewhere else where people aren’t like this?  With control freaks, it is my way or the highway.

I am a modified control freak when I need to get a task done and it is my duty, job, or responsibility or all three.  I once was put by myself in charge of three wards in the lunch room in an insane asylum while the other aides took a lunch break.  I stuck it out even though I got slapped in the face by a disorderly resident while I was on my own.  I always say, “The buck stops here,” like Harry Truman.  Being a mother or babysitting is also a situation where I have to maintain control especially concerning the safety of the child or children I am in charge of.  Sometimes in situations somebody has to take control and that person is you.  You may have never wanted the position, but somebody has to do it.

Everybody has to take a position on the control issue different from the one they are comfortable with sometime.  Maybe you should practice being less of a control freak or more of a control freak.  I know this takes you out of your comfort zone but the most growth usually occurs when you do that.  You may surprise yourself.


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