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Just Plain Nasty


You go two steps forward and one step  back.  Have you had one of those days when you just can’t be nice and/or positive.  Perhaps you’d like to cuss a little, kick the wall, or tell a telemarketer off.  Suicide or murder is not far from your mind.  And if you have managed to keep your cool while you are awake, those “bad” feelings come to haunt you in your sleep.

No one is perfect nor should they try to be as that can be very frustrating and give rise to the same feelings leaking out everywhere that you want to deny.  These are the times that try men’s souls.  Even saints have those kind of days (maybe even weeks, months, or years).  You are only human and if you can forgive others, you surely can forgive yourself.

We learn the most from our slip ups and what we learn is that we are all too human and we also learn what those areas are where we have not yet made the mark.  You should give yourself as much grace as you would like to give others.  Also they can assist us in doing a better survey of where we have missed the mark  and where we should expand our knowledge of situations where we should apply our standards.

Remember expressing some feelings is cathartic and the peace we experience afterwards refreshes our souls.  Have you ever cried your heart out and felt calm and relieved afterwards.  Does it feel good sometimes to get the anger out before you go to back to keeping it in.  Sometimes it is if we have no free will when we do not feel free to express ourselves.  For example, this could happen while getting a speeding ticket or when we are in a situation where the customer is always right.  Hang loose; you’ll get there someday.

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