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I Remember When

Multiplication Tables on gFlashPro on my iPhone

Multiplication Tables on gFlashPro on my iPhone (Photo credit: Wesley Fryer)

Check out the Thesaurus' sibling, Dictionary.
Check out the Thesaurus’ sibling, Dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember when we memorized telephone numbers, learned multiplication tables, and wrote in cursive, do you?  Since the dawn of the computer era, things like these have gone by the wayside.  What would we do without machines?  Having a good memory, good fine motor skills, and the ability to do some tasks by hand (not machine) at least exercise our brain and reinforce the capacity to learn and do new things with our mind, our senses, and our bodies.  I know you think I should use spell check; but I try first to get the spelling right on my own.  I have a Thesaurus (and I am sure you can get an apt for that ); but I try to think of a synonym on my own expanding my vocabulary when I do this.

You know you should exercise your body to keep it healthy and it is suggested that you do something that requires movement on a regular basis.  It can be an activity that you enjoy such as playing a sport, walking somewhere instead of driving somewhere, parking farther away from where you want to go in a parking lot, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, even doing housework or yard work.

You also should keep your mind sharp by exercising it.  This was easier to do when people relied more on their memory than they do now in the information age.  You can learn a new language, take up a new hobby where you acquire new knowledge about some subject such as astronomy, and sharpen your fine motor skills by drawing, doing calligraphy, fixing and maintaining fire arms. etc.

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