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Don’t Look To Tomorrow Or Back To Yesterday For Answers

Don’t look to tomorrow or back to yesterday for answers.  The time is now.  You can’t change the future today.  Tomorrow is past and gone and can’t be changed now.  You fill yourself with regret about the past and worry about what hasn’t happened yet.

Why waste the present by focusing on the past or the future when you are already here?  Ruminating on the past doesn’t change a thing that happened yesterday.  The best laid plans of mice and men do not always come to fruition tomorrow.

Focus on the now, not the how or why.  So many things can be missed when you do not see what you are looking at now or hear what you are listening to now.  I have seen the light go in and out of my grandson’s eyes and have seen how stressed a friend has been when I did not ignore the silent cries in their eyes.

Pay attention now.  Don’t ask how.  Just do it.

Yesterday Started Tomorrow

Yesterday Started Tomorrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)