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Having an Affair?

The End of the Affair (1999 film)
The End of the Affair (1999 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you feel guilty?  Do you accuse your partner of being unfaithful?  It can be a dead giveaway when you do this.  When I run across someone who is complaining that their spouse or partner is paranoid and won’t let them go anywhere without them and he or she is constantly checking his or her significant other’s phone numbers, it is actually a sign that the accuser is the one having an affair.    The wife (it is usually the wife, but not always) is upset because often she hasn’t even looked at somebody else.

Marriage partners and those in committed relationships who are running around with other people often are extremely sensitive to what they consider signs in their partner that they are also having an affair.  Could I say,”It takes one to know one.”  Usually the faithful partner is so busy defending his or her self that they don’t have time to relalize that the accusations are a smoke screen for the other’s misdeeds.

When someone is on the defensive, they often do not think to think that the other person might be doing something wrong and they are unable to launch an offense.  A word to the wise, don’t get blindsided when somebody accuses you of unfaithfulness and miss the signs that it is not you, but them that is fooling around.

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