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Tell Yourself a Story

Jump to conclusions mat

Jump to conclusions mat (Photo credit: uvince)

Tell yourself a story.  Make it easy or make it hard by the way you do it.  I am not trying to be unrealistic; but what you create to think or say about something that happens to you often determines how you wind up after the fact.  What you think you see may be a cloud that hides the sun for a little bit or it may be a gloomy gray day that causes the sun to not shine that day.  If you jump to conclusions before you have all the information and assume that the results are going to be bad or spend your anticipated bonus before it is even in your hand, you might be sorry.  Too many of us live in the past or the future and miss out on the present.  Too often we think that what happened in the past will happen to us again and we see a dismal future doing without.  Some people get excited and if giving any hope, think that someone is giving them an opportunity to reap big rewards and are easily scammed.  Politicians and con men know what to say to make or break our day.  Then we get entirely led away.  We can see doom and gloom extending into the future if this “bad” thing is allowed to happen.  People can feel hope and reassurance that their problems will be solved and they will benefit from great rewards if they do what others suggest.  Advertizers  and liars take advantage of this and the only benefit they seek is theirs not yours.  Just be sure that the story you tell yourself will benefit you in the long run.  Looking for the bad things can tarnish your mood.  Somethings can be seen as good or bad depending upon how you see them.  Just a spoon full of sugar can help the medicine go down.  Sudden changes can “wreck” your plans and spoil your day or they can open up a new opportunity to do something a different way that you hadn’t thought about.

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