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The Competition To Be Worthy Or Unworthy

A "whimsy" from a nautical-themed wo...

A “whimsy” from a nautical-themed wooden jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle by The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you want to be the most important person in the world or do you take the other tack and perceive yourself as the most unworthy person in the world?  With both points of view people set themselves as apart from the rest of the world and because of this, can be seen as egotistical.  People would rather be seen as better or worse than everyone else than not being seen and invisible.  This seems to be the worst possible fate for many people.

It is hard to be the best or the worst of anything.  Mother Teresa?  Hitler?  That must mean we are failures before we even start.  However, if you take the point of view that you are unique, that you have a purpose in life that only you can fulfill, and that the jigsaw puzzle of life will not be complete without your piece, then you are special and nobody else can take your place.

We are often raised to be jealous of one another.  “Why aren’t you more like Heather or Ralph?”  “If it weren’t for you, I could be doing what I wanted.”  Sometimes this sentiment is drilled so far into us that we think of our selves as worthless.  But the most worthless person in the world?  Probably not.

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