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The God Complex

)”]Miley Cyrus - Wonder WorldDo you have the god complex or the reverse god complex?  Wait a minute.  You are neither the 7th wonder of the world nor are you the greatest loser of all time.  Disappointing isn’t it?  People usually think that they are either one or the other.  One creates egotistical pride and the other generates profound self-pity.  Either way you think you perceive of yourself as having more of something than anyone else.  Is life a competition?  Are there winners and losers?

The only competition is actually with yourself, to be the best person you can be.  What do you have to work with?  Who do you have to work with?  You, only you.  What can you change for sure?  You, only you.  Who puts limits on you and the amount you can change?  You, only you.

Yes, we all have different gifts enabling us to grow in different directions.  What determines how much we can change, the limits we put on ourselves.  When do we stop changing, when we stop ourselves.  When do we stop growing up?  Never!   What stops us from growing up?  Only our own self-imposed limits.  I can’t do this or I can’t do that.  I’m too old.  I’m too young.  I have no money.  I can’t give this or that up.  I’m not smart enough.


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