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The Horrible Things That Truely Exist in Our World

Cult and Ritual Abuse

Cult and Ritual Abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the horrible things that really happen, why do we have to focus on make believe mayhem?  In my field of study, psychology, I have heard and read about atrocious things that have occurred in people’s lives now and in the past.  Every time a tragedy occurs, there can be horrible details of what actually happened that remain in the memories of people who had to deal with them or were victims of them.  Why do we have to create disgusting scenarios in movies and video games when the real thing is bad enough or maybe even worse than the imaginary thing.

Human sacrifice is prevalent in history and even occurs in satanic ritual abuse.  Babies are conceived, never registered, and disappear this way.  Also when people die, how does it happen.  Do they experience terror before they pass on?  What about the aftermath?  Who finds and/or deals with the remains and how do these horrors effect them?  This is not just make believe like at Halloween when people put together scarey haunted houses.  This is often the origin of post-traumatic stress syndrome where people live over and over the horrible things that have happened to them in the past.

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