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The Puzzle Of Life

rp_300px-Whimsy.JPGGo with me as I start on this new journey giving me insight into life.  This is as usual a rough draft.

The puzzle of life is different for every person.  Each person creates his or her own solution.  What fits for me might not fit for you.  This doesn’t make any one solution better than another.

I have a fondness for autobiographies.  They document each individual’s solution to his or her puzzle of life.  Recently I have read autobiographies by Michael J. Fox and Jane Fonda.  People about whom I ordinarily wouldn’t have read their current life stories.  Many people don’t like Jane Fonda because of what she did in the Vietnam War.  They would have never given her a chance to convince them otherwise; but I did.

Jane Fonda did a good job of explaining why writing a life history is good for you and helps you to see how you became the way you are now.  I got Micheal’s book because my cousin found it and gave it to me to read because she knew that he has Parkinson’s like my dad had.  Neither of these person’s solutions to the puzzle was entirely like my solution but it gave me a glimpse into theirs.

I am more intrigued when it is the person him or herself and it is not an autobiographer or ghost writer who mainly directs their writing of their life story.  It can be a very lonely existence when you have little understanding of where and how any other person took to find his or her direction in life.

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