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The Women Do All The Work And….

Non-commissioned Officer Parade at Fort Myer

Non-commissioned Officer Parade at Fort Myer (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)

Undercover Boss (UK TV series)

Undercover Boss (UK TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The women do all the work and the men get all the credit.  How many times has a boss said to a secretary, “Please write a letter to Bosworth telling him I am not interested in his offer and why,”  or “Order this month’s office supplies and make the invoice up for them.”

Whose paycheck reflects the value they are to the company?  How many times has a new boss came into the company who had to rely on his office staff to tell him what he had to do and how to do it?  About whom has it been said,”This place would fall part if she (or he?) weren’t here.”

Yes, sometimes the roles are reversed in a different way.  In the Vietnam war, how many college graduate newly commissioned officers had to rely on their noncom-missioned officers or troops to lead them into battle or be killed.

Life is unfair.  Who works the hardest and who gets to play golf on Thursdays? On top of this, these people may also have more responsibilities at home and/or have to work more than one job to survive than their bosses do.  See “Undercover boss” on television.

There are bosses who are worth their salt and underlyings that frequently fail to show up for work and don’t do what is expected of them.  There are people who work in fast food restaurants and in nursing homes who fail to show up to work their shifts and for whom the boss must find a replacements and even in some cases the boss his or her self has to take one of these shifts.


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