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There Is No Accounting For….Part I

There is no accounting for….

There is no accounting for how some people run their lives.  Their accounting system doesn’t exist.  They take from Peter to pay Paul.  They don’t pay and/or file their taxes on time.  What comes in is theirs and they don’t like to share.  They run up bills.  At no time do they exactly know what their net worth is and they pay the bill collector who hollers the most or gets there first.  Scary, isn’t it?  How do they get by?  By the Grace of God?  A family member had a boss like that and I had an aunt like that.

Here are two different examples.  Did you know that the rich are often notorious for not playing their bills.  They run up a bill with one provider and when that supplier cuts off their services or stops extending them credit, they find someone else to buy from or use who does not know what they are like and who assumes that they will pay because they have money.  Another example is that of some people with lower economic standing who move from rental apartment or home to residential apartment or home after being evictedThe Accounting

for not paying rent.  They rely upon the trust of others.  Is it stealing?  Yes, it is when it is the person’s modus  operandi and they use it to get things without paying for them.  Some people seem to feel that ignorance is bliss.  As long as they can continue to live in their world where bills are never paid on time or in full and sometimes not even opened, they will.  Ignorance is bliss?  For them, denial is not a river in Egypt.

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