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Too Close for Comfort

If you can’t pick your companions, workmates, or roommates you can wind up in a pickle.  Either your abilities are not recognized or are not found useful.  Too close for comfort can wind up in fights, with one person not being able to tolerate the other.  This can result in an open fighter or in misery for the one person who can’t tolerate the other or in an open fight.  Being afraid to bring up the topic of the dispute keeps the sore open to being rubbed.  How long can you tolerate something?

Can you bring up something to a person you have tolerated but not confronted.  This is often how some marriages end up.  It is how my first marriage ended up.  My guts couldn’t tolerate the situation.  Actually, we had some beneficial disagreements when we settled some things we had to settle in order to split up.  When the marriage had already in a slipt up; it was easier to bring up some things we needed to talk about and that couldn’t be avoided if we were having to deal with in order to split up our household.

We laughingly talked about the title for a movie about our split called, “You get the kleenex and I get the toilet paper”.  We made our decision based on what was the most valuable to one or the other.  Our cat was a different problem; we couldn’t decide who got him until we found a kitten underneath the car after we had gone to the movies.  PS: Going to the movies at supper time every night was one way to avoid a fight.  I found out later each of us had kept secrets from one another.

I had a college roommate once but instead of rooming with her another year I decided that I would be better off being alone (and I did get one of the few single rooms for the next semester).  I was lonely and afraid of the dark that next semester.  My ex-roommate got a roommate picked for her and they were not really comfortable with one another.  I wish now that I had not been so selfish.  Roommates can always be a big issue if you are not good at picking roommates or if you are not good at getting along with one another or if you have a roommate picked for you that no one else would like a druggie (This happened to my brother).  My sophomore year the second half I got put in with another roommate because my room was too cold and her roommate quit school.  She had her own friends and she could sleep through my typing at night on my typewriter (it was a manual).

How do the astronauts do?  Speaking of being too close for comfort.  I had a NASA fellowship one year in graduate school and that was as close to being an astronaut I become.




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