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(Preview)  Only you can determine what gets in your brain.  What you focus on and what you concentrate on gets wired in your brain and makes it difficult to think differently.  Let it go.  You are your own worse enemy.  Talk to yourself.  Do you want that kind of junk wired in your brain?  What are you concentrating on?  Be self-observant.  You can control what goes in and out of your head.  You may need new software and new data.  We make ourselves unhappy.

I have made two new resolutions right now in the middle of the year.  The first is to stop saying that I am sorry.  The people that most often say that they are sorry are the ones that don’t need to do it.  Saying you are sorry can become a compulsive thing, an automatic reaction to a criticism or a complaint from someone else.  It can even be a symptom of emotional abuse.

I thought I had broken that habit when I developed asthma again and I realised that coughing or whatever I do because I am sick does not need to be apologized for.  I didn’t do it to draw attention to myself or to interrupt anything that is going on around me.  But it was a habit leftover from when I had asthma as a child.

The second is to stop focusing on what needs to be fixed or replaced or on what others have that I don’t have that I would like or even need to have.  Wastes a lot of time and doesn’t change anything.  Being a Christian, I have offered these concerns up to God and have gone on with my life.Ruminating on these sort of things doesn’t make them happen or make them reverse themselves.  It just wastes my time when I could be focusing on something else or just opening my mind up to other thoughts even inspirations.

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