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Ideas for Songs

Ideas for Songs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Returning after a not so brief hiatus with lung problems.  Writing is what I love to do and I usually have lots of ideas about what to write about next.  Most of my ideas come to me as possible titles for my posts.

When I was decommissioned when I was sick and recovering, the ideas did not stop.  Sometimes they seemed to be superpowered and I could not capture them as they came so fast and quickly floated away.  Also as much as I was motivated to write, I had responsibilities that I had to catch up with after being out of the circulation for so long.

Also I try to keep up with talking to people about these things who are part of my life and to those who come into my life solely for the purposes of what I can share with them.  Don’t be confused, sharing information, philosophies, and ideas is a two-way street.  I always learn from others with whom I share.  Especially when we are open and honest with each other.

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