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Usefulness of Relaxation Instructions in Hypnosis


Hypnosis (Photo credit: zoomar)

Hypnosis can be very useful.  The simplest thing that it can help with is relaxation.  Usually relaxation suggestions are part of the induction used for hypnosis.  They are usually found in audio downloads for beginning hypnotic inductions.  Depending on the skill of the hypnotist, they can be very useful or not much help.  When the person being hypnotized is not in the presence of the hypnotist, such suggestions are not as useful.  This is why auditory recordings may not be very effective.  They can be more effective if the recording is done during an actual session that the person using the recording had earlier with the hypnotist.  They can be the most effective if the person being induced is in the presence of the hypnotist so his or her response to the suggestions can be observed by the hypnotist and the instructions adjusted in response to them.  Sometimes the hypnotist may go into a trance too while inducing a trance in someone else.  When this occurs, it is best if the hypnotist is a very experienced hypnotist and knowledgeable about what can happen in a trance and how to handle anything that transpires in a trance.

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