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How you are judged as a child can determine how you judge yourself as an adult and how you receive the judgments of others when you are an adult.

Do you keep a list of your past mistakes and failures and refer to them frequently when you are determining if you have lived a worthwhile life?    Do you feel that there are some things for which you can never make up?  Do feel that because of these you have ruined your life forever?

Have you judged your successes by the way that other people have received them?  Do you feel that what you have done is not important?  How long is your list of achievements?  What things have you left off the list because they don’t seem important enough?

Are you well-educated; but that is not seen as important because the other people in your life do not value it as they may have succeeded in some other area and did not pursue an advanced education.  Just think if we all did well at one thing,  the competition in that area would be fierce and few people would succeed.

One of the problems with modern day society is mass communication.  Another is the amount of distance that can be covered in a short space of time.  It used to be that people lived in smaller communities and it was difficult to travel from one to the other in a reasonable amount of time.  In each community there was often ample room for people who were good in many endeavors.  As places got closer together in modern times, there was less room for persons to stand out in a given area of expertise.  For example, in the past each little area often had a good singer, an outstanding orator, etc.  Now you have to win The American Idol to stand out among vocalists.


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