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What I Wish Somebody Told Me….

1.  It is not a good idea to put somebody down just for the fun of it.  Anyway if you do, did you know that you are only revealing your own insecurities.

2.  It is not a good idea to focus only on the worst thing that could happen in any situation.  You only add to the chance that it might happen.  We are so afraid of being disappointed that we don’t want to anticipate something good happening.  This attitude can jinx you instead as you might not try as hard.

3.  Don’t make somebody else’s drama your drama especially if you personally can’t do anything about it and/or didn’t have anything to do with it in the first place.  Have you ever seen someone else faint when another person gets hurt?  Now there is another victim?

How many emergency vehicles have trouble getting there in time to help when other people slow down or stop to take in the excitement of the accident scene or worse yet try to get the first look when a tornado touches down or a fire of unknown orgin breaks out.

4.  It is not always me, me, me.  Have you ever ruined a compliment being given to someone else by one upping them with your own fabulous possession or outrageous accomplishment?

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