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Who Cares?

who cares

In so much of life, it appears that when the question, “Who cares?” is asked, the answer is nobody.  People who pay somebody to provide them with a service or a product are often not rewarded with more than a smidgen of concern.  Some people even think it is a privilege for the person receiving the service or the product to be able to purchase it.  Conceit is the name of the game.  Some people are even led to buy something or purchase a service because it is so hard to get.  Sometimes people wind up paying for the privilege of being able to pay for something else.   Slipping a twenty dollar bill to the head waiter to get a table in a restaurant is one example.  Scalping tickets is another example.

An extreme example is the abortion doctors who have been in the news lately for “killing” babies after they have been born alive in late term abortions.  These doctors also did not follow the Hippocratic oath in the care of many of the women who sought their services.  It seems that hypothetically playing a game of golf or getting a car repaired was more important than the health and welfare of their patients.  It seems especially clear here that these doctors could easily say, “Who cares!”

“Who cares?” about the quality of the work that they do?  Some people brag about  how they cheat others.  Some people put more time and energy in getting away with shoddy work and substandard materials than it would take to do the job right.  Some people don’t build things poorly but they don’t do what’s necessary to do a proper job like get enough sleep the night before, preparing the paperwork or studying up on and reviewing the procedure they are going to use.

If you are saying, “Who cares,” and doing the absolute minimum necessary to get the job done or perhaps not even doing what is right for the person who hires you and are working instead to get the support, monetary, or otherwise of the people who do not have the best interests of anyone other than themselves at heart even if it means you are hurting in some way the person who thinks they hired you to protect their interests.

In this modern world, some people (as long as they can get away with it) do things that are at least not in the best interest of the persons who think they are employing them to produce something or work for them.  These people often say, “Who cares?” as justification for this behavior.  They sometimes even feel that they have really accomplished something if they can get away with it.


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