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Who Or What Determines Your Mood?

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health (Photo credit: SavaTheAggie)




Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose your mood? and not someone else or something else?  Feelings are catching.  The other day it was Obamacare and the rising cost of insurance leading to the fear of not being able to afford to carry medical insurance and doing without.  It was very upsetting to think about and anyway not a very constructive thing to do.  It is not that I don’t think it could happen, but why be miserable and worry about it when it has not happened yet.  Also the politicians responsible for this potential problem are not and never were worried about it and besides if it happened, it wouldn’t be a problem for them as they have already made sure that they will be covered and/or could afford the increased cost of medical insurance.  Misery loves company.  When one person gets upset about something like this, they want to share the problem with others.

Then there is the sniper, the person who from out of no where says something to you that cuts to the quick and goes merrily on their way while you are bleeding to death.  Consider the source, this may not be the first time this has happened to you with this person.  Are you going to let that person ruin your day? especially when he or she will deny that he or she had any intention of doing so.

Let go and let God.   Just because someone else is upset, do you need to get upset too?  When somebody has bad intentions and denies them, do you let them get away with it.  Not only do you wind up feeling bad, but also you can’t justify it on the grounds that the other person says that they didn’t mean anything by what they said.


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