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Why Does A Person Have A Shopping Addiction?


Gluttony Could Be A Form Of Food Addiction

My first shopping addiction- involved collecting colored glassware from the early 19oos.   My then-fiance gave me a pressed glass turquoise goblet in the moon and star pattern,  It was then I decided to collect turquoise glass or other pieces of glass in the moon and star pattern.  After we were married and lived in Kansas, it was our hobby to go out in the countryside looking for pieces of glass that attracted us.  It was easy to charge our purchases.  Then we acquired cabinets to put the glass in.  When we divorced, we had to decide who got what.  He got all the goblets except the one he gave me.  I got the vaseline glass, a weird yellow-green, and a few pieces of carnival glass, not the orange-yellow glass that most people collected, but the blue, green, and purple. That was one type of shopping addiction where if you saw something to have in your collection’ you just had to have it and usually found a way to pay for it creating a large number of charges on your credit card.

Then it involved shopping for clothes.  I wanted to have clothes In the style that was most popular.  Would you believe that?   I had to have mini shirts and combination panty-slips to go under them?    I loved wild shoes and I especially liked wedgies.  That addiction continues to this day.  And it also included my children when they were home and in school.  I remembered being in high school and not having new outfits every fall in high school and college like the other girls.  Some even had matching underwear.  I made sure that I had appropriate underwear for my going away outfit and nighties for my bridal wardrobe when I got married in the ’60s.

This continued to the present when I liked to dress as my type 3 in Dressing Your truth and when I got bigger, I had to discard smaller clothes and get bigger ones and always in the right colors and textures for a type 3.  I did not save up for my purchases and I did not have a budget.  I did not get a thrill when I did this like some people with a shopping addiction which was one difference.  Men, for example. could have an addiction involving cars, hunting equipment,  sports equipment, or even clothes or watches.

Some people get a thrill out of spending money.    It is like an alcohol or drug addiction.  There is a biological reaction.  Once the person attains this,  they want to get some more. People also do this as a form of competition.   Gambling is a form of this. They have to look better than someone else or at least as good as someone else.  They are not comfortable unless they do.   Buying a used name brand item for less than half the price is an example of this.  The item may not match your wardrobe, but it is a Gucci or something like that.

A coup;e of things to do to stop a shopping addiction would be to think of something you could buy if you did not buy those items and saved up.  Never go shopping without a list.  Currently, I need a crossbody bag as mine wore out.  I should look for that and not buy anything else I find in my search for such a bag.


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