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Why Have Children?

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This not a treatise in favor of birth control; but a gentle reminder that some decisions, decisions like this, are life changing.  I have had friends who decided not to have children and focus instead on their marriage (if they made that choice) and career.  Often they traveled far and wide and in general enjoyed life.  Some also had close relationships with nieces and/or nephews or with their friends’ children.

When people  decide to have children, it can add much joy to their lives and the lives of family members and friends.  Children are a gift to be appreciated and valued; but this does not mean that raising children is all fun and games.  Finding time to spend with your children is difficult in today’s society where it often takes two incomes to survive as a family.  Disciplining and regulating the lives of children is necessary, but not necessarily fun.  Providing them with the services, education, and care needed to be successful adults is time consuming and uses up resources the parent could use for themselves.

Unfortunately sometimes people do not decide to have children, the decision is made for them through, for example, the failure of birth control or carelessness about birth control precautions.  This is not going to be a discussion about the issue of abortion (about which I do have a personal position which I had to make at a certain point in my life) which really needs to be covered separately to do it justice.  It is a usually a life changing experience, no matter what the prospective parents decide to do.  If they don’t keep the child that decision will probably haunt them.  This can happen  for both men and women.  I have heard their stories.  Miscarriages have the same effect.  Most women count all the times that they conceived, not just the times they actually gave birth. Men, if they know about the pregnancy or pregnancies, may also feel concern about children that they might have had.

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  • If I were to correct your grammar in your posts, you will fail, you have many errors including proper use of words

    • admin says:

      Yes, you are right. I write as if I am having a one-sided conversation and am very colloquial. It has been a while since I studied grammar. I am working on that and I am also watching my spelling so expect to see some progress in the future.. It takes me back to English classes in college which has been awhile. I need to find a simple book on grammar or an “editor.”

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