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Without A Thought, Effortless Living

Coffee table book

Coffee table book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breastfeeding symbol

Breastfeeding symbol (Photo credit: Topinambour)

Can you enjoy, truly enjoy, something without dissecting or analyzing it.  For some mothers breastfeeding is such a moment.  Do you actually look forward to a moment when you are doing a task that is so routine, you don’t even need to think about it.

Lavishly illustrated coffee table books hit the spot for me.  I can do all the looking I want and there is nobody telling me to hurry up or move on.  When I make the occasional excursion out by myself, (if I have time) I make it a point to “window shop” in a new store, one that I haven’t been in yet.  I am very visual.  That’s how I see things.

For some it is a long luxurious hot soak in a bath tub.  For others, it is a shower using all the water you want.  Then you might like to crawl between sheets in a freshly made bed.  Most or all of these seemingly mindless experiences involve the senses and you don’t have to think about them to enjoy them.

You can usually tell what sense the person prefers by the words they use to express themselves such as, “I can see that,” or “Hear me out,” or “How does that make you feel?”

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