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I am a Woman for Peace.  Are there other Women for Peace out there?  I feel that women have something unique to offer the world  that the aggressive terrorists don’t.  Why are we women, girls, and babies raped, subdued, and considered chattel in parts of the world.  Women and children there are often considered useless and unimportant.  Do you as a woman or a man consider that women basically have a different view of the world than men do.  Do you feel that when women become successful in this world, it is because they act and think more like men which is probably not helpful at this time when we need to  encourage love, care, and concern for others?  Why does society still keep women down? and consider womens’ and mens’ participation in the reproduction of the human race something to be looked down upon and not worth anything in this society?  Things are valuable because people think they are.  What can you do with a lump of gold if it was not worth anything monetarily?  I think that women can perceive this side of things better than some men.  The brains of men and women are different.  Why don’t we glorify this and use it.  It happened for a reason.

I am considering offering Second Chance  Workshops for women in the midst of life and interested  men who have taken or who want to take a woman’s perspective on things.  Actually we all have feminine and masculine sides and should own and develop both of them.  For example, I have a strong masculine? drive sometimes to prove I can do risky things like have a conversation in his cell with a prisoner who had committed several murders while in prison.  We should respect both sides and not consider either one of them useless or unnecessary.

Major religions of the world often lead to believers realizing that power for power’s sake and material wealth also for its own sake do not make a person really content.  Most people are not grateful for what they do have.  How many homes does a person need?  How many yachts, airplanes, and limousines does one need to have at their beck and call.  Famous and important people often pride themselves on who they know and who they can influence and sometimes form a tight knit little group who grant each other favors and congratulate each other on how well they are doing in acquiring fame and fortune.  Think of being in a quiet green place in nature or lying on a sandy white beach.   What does it cost really to do this and why should we keep such experiences from others?  The world was put here for us to enjoy, not destroy.  Sometimes tribes of primitive people had the right idea.  They didn’t require too much to enable them to thrive and be happy.  Often they had ways of settling disputes and problems which involved the contribution and concern of the whole group before they became catastrophes..

Pope Francis ( I’d rather call him Father Francis because he is such a humble man), Mother Teresa, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, I think, are examples of people who put the welfare of others first and who do not or did not seek or require the trappings of power and wealth.   Shouldn’t people like these be our idols? not the prophet Mohammed who in his later days wrote in the Koran that people who didn’t believe like he did should be killed.  Now this doctrine has led to senseless tortures and murders  and what appears to be blood lust, a thirst which can not be quenched and motivates these believers to do more and more harm in terrible ways in order to get the same “rush” and a chance at having numerous virgins in paradise to have forced? sex with   As a psychologist, I know that sexual preditors and serial murderers require more and more horrible acts to achieve the thrill that they are seeking.  Doesn’t this posibly seem true of these terrorists and do I have to say that they are mostly men.  Do they feel somewhere deep inside that they must do something noteworthy because yes ,they have an equal part in the conception of a child but sometimes they take little or no part in the gestation of a baby, its nurturence after birth, and often also the development of an emotional bond with it.  Then why do they care for any human life if they don’t take their part in caring for a human baby before or after birth?

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