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You Have More Control Over Your Life Than Others Would Like You To Think You Have

rp_268978514_7408b21dbf_m.jpgThis is a very rough draft; but I wanted to capture this idea before I forgot.

You have more control over your life than others would like you to think you have.  Diversity is the stuff of life.  What would we be missing if we were all alike or were made to be all alike.  For example, the anonymous citizen uniforms of China in the past and possibly of North Korea in the present.

Diversity makes many people uncomfortable.   It can lead to stereotyping and prejudice.  (Opps I almost said the r—– word.  What happened to freedom of speech?)  The more control you give over to others or the more control over your life that you don’t know you have, the less freedom to be yourself you will have.

rp_1360757052_a551272cf9_m.jpgI grew up with what will other people think, not think about how this might effect someone else,  including myself, in a positive or negative way. even if this involved not doing the right thing for me such as standing up to a bully.

Boundaries are appropriate; but they also can be restrictive.  Whose boundaries are you using yours or other people’s?  I am a middle child (the great appezer) and I have a tough time sometimes knowing what I do or don’t want.  I am so busy thinking about what other people might want or not want and how my choice might effect them

Do you, like me, wait in a resturuant til everybody has given their orders before you give yours.  Do you instinctively know what you want and immediately think of reasons why you shouldn’t want that or reasons why your order would affect the orders of others or the serving of them.

Hypnosis Controls Others' Behavior

Hypnosis Controls Others’ Behavior

Often when you give control over your life to someone else when it is not appropriate you are allowing that person to manipulate you in order to meet their own goals, not yours.  Yes this is why we put some restrictions on children and adolescents (May it should be even young adults) as to the kinds of decisions they can make on their own.  They may be easily influenced by people who try to guide them for their own reasons.

It is also important that close scrutiny is given to people who control the lives of those who are not yet old enough to handle everything on their own and of those who through disability can’t make most or all of their own decisions.  Especially with the disabled it is important to know exactly what the disability is, how it effect the specific person who has it, and what help they might need on which decisions.

The People Of The Lie Are Excellant Manipulators Because they Have No Conscience

The People Of The Lie Are Excellant Manipulators Because they Have No Conscience


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