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You Made Me Do It

Who me?   I don't think so....

Who me? I don't think so.... (Photo credit: The hills are alive)

Who me?  Take responsibility for my own actions?  If I get upset and have a meltdown, who’s going to take responsibility?  You hurt my feelings.  You made me mad!  If other people would just leave me alone.

Shovel your own biological residue.  I have not been assigned as your own personal whipping boy or girl.  Get me out of here before you explode.

Who shoulders the blame?  Does it make you uncomfortable to think you might have been a little at fault in the whole situation?

Drama queens!  Drama kings!  It is all about you.

Can you shoulder some responsibility for your actions?  If you take responsibility, then you should do something about it.

Getting upset can be a selfish action. Taking center stage away from the person who really has a problem and you can help if you weren’t so busy worrying about yourself.

Then there is the opposite side of the question.  You have a problem and somebody else could help you, but you refuse to let them.  You play martyr.  You are afraid to give up one bit of control.

Move over.  Get out of the way.  Let’s resolve the situation.  If you have to, have your pity party and get over it.  Move on.  Don’t do anymore damage than has already been done.  Control yourself.  Blow your top, but don’t take it to an extreme.

We spend more time being upset about a problem than we do solving it.  What can I do?  Oh, woe is me.  Take charge of yourself.  Let some fresh air in.  Go about it in the right way.

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