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Your Locus of Control Part I

theirfaultIs your locus of control external?  Does somebody else always have it in for you?  You try hard; but are limited by forces outside of yourself.  You usually believe that it is not your fault if something goes wrong.  It’s her fault; it’s his fault; it’s their fault; Not me.  Blame it on somebody else.  When you constantly blame others, not yourself, when things go wrong, do you ever consider whether it might be something you have done not something they have done.  Criticisms and judgment passing put the focus external to yourself.

When you see something, is it always from your own perspective?  Do you have difficulty taking another person’s point of view or even acknowledging that another point of view could exist.  If somebody does something and you don’t understand why they did it, you come to the conclusion that they did something wrong or stupid.  Do you wonder why other people often don’t accept your comments calmly and frequently get mad or feel put down?

You learn so much more when you ask questions opposed to passing judgmentsDo you realize that other people have their own points of view and reasons for doing things?  Do you understand that it might offend them if you don’t first let them tell you what they are doing and why they are doing it before you pass judgment on them?  Does your attitude tell them that you already think that what they are doing is wrong?  If they’re wrong, you are right.  If you often find that when things go wrong it is somebody else’s responsibility.  It is something that they did wrong, the locus of your control is out there external to you.


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