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After the party’s Over, Part Two

The Party's Over (Murphy's Law album)

The Party's Over (Murphy's Law album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing is more emotionally fascinating than the new lover who tells you that you are not like that b…. he was married to or the b…… she was married to.  You are the one woman who is not like other women he has dealt with or you are the one man who is not like other men she has dealt with.  You say to yourself, “I must be pretty special, I’m one of a kind.”  You are told all sorts of horror stories about what the other women or men have been like that he or she has had relationships with.  This is literally a trap because when you break up, guess who the person you had this relationship with will be talking about next (and in very unflattering terms).

Another story that I have heard is that the new girlfriend or boyfriend is picture perfect.  The new lover couldn’t have treated him or her better.  The new romantic interest was on his or her best behavior until the deal was done.  Then the roof fell in and the new partner treated him or her like s…  This is a trap too.  I don’t know if you should go as far as conduct an internet search of someone before you commit; but the more you know about his or her finances, job history, family, and friends the better.  If there are things that this person has told you that you have not verified, watch out. If you don’t get a chance to meet and talk with people who know him or her about him or her when he or she is not around or when he or she can not control the situation, beware!

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