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Cohabitating With Animals

If you learn about animals, you will find that more of them than you think are intelligent and social.  My favorites are dolphins.  Yes, it is easier to maim an animal or kill them and dissect them if you think they are just dumb animals.

Why do some people have to assert their power by killing living beings and/or controlling how they live their lives.  When I started studying psychology, I took it for granted that was one thing we used animals for.  Christian people and people who believe in reincarnation and karma know that how they treat animals is something they will be accountable for.  In the book of Genesis in the Bible, mankind was given creation to rule over; but it was to be a benevolent dictatorship.  Some, if not all American Indians, treat living with nature as a responsibility, something that is only “lent” to them for its safekeeping and not something to abuse.

We are given a lot of things in this life time and how we take care of them is a good measure of how much we appreciate them.  Saying prayers at mealtime is one way to do this.

Studies now show that we can hurt plants.  They have been mostly ignored until now.  We have a great responsibility to others with which we share the universe.

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