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Communication Blockers Part II

tantrum #500

tantrum #500 (Photo credit: demandaj)

Not hearing the other person’s question or comment is another way of blocking conversation.  Maybe they will just give up trying to be heard.   Have you ever been tuned out in this way?

Explosive anger, even violence, can greet a question or comment that the listener has asked or made.  It will definitely stop the listener from hearing what the other person really has to say.  For example, a father of eight would often blow up and pound his fists on the table and order the offender away from his food and the table. All, but one of the children, failed to finish high school and left home at an early age just as soon as they could get some kind of job which was early in those days before a person needed to be sixteen before they could drive a car and work.  For people like him, the merest of interruptions could be the cause of such temper tantrums.

Avoiding communication is avoiding responsibility.  If you don’t know about something, how can you be at fault if something goes wrong and/or be expected to do something about it.

What happens when a person really needs the other person’s help or advice to solve a problem that they can’t solve without them?

Another way is (this happens after the fact) the person totally forgets that they had the conversation while the  person who talked to them thought not only had they talked about the problem, but they thought they had resolved it. Then later comes the point in time when the important issue has to be dealt with.  The communication now has been totally forgotten causing even more trouble and frustration for the would be communicator.

No excuses!  Communication is a fundamental building block of a good relationship.

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