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Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up and let life pass you by.  View each day as a present, as a gift to do with what you will.  I studied very hard in school and I didn’t have a TV or a computer.  Evenings and weekends were times when I could focus on my homework.  I am as busy now as I was then.  The one thing that I do now that I didn’t do often then is to take a break to sit back and watch the world go by when the opportunity presents itself.  This is usually when the grandchildren come over.

I presently have two long-term goals that I have been working on the last three or four years.  I don’t know when I will finish or if I will finish these two goals.  One involves meditating and the other involves covering a complete body of spiritual knowledge.

I also want to meet new people who share my interests and to go to new places to study and expand my knowledge and develop my skills.  Every time on your journey when you think you have reached the horizon you realize that there is a another horizon just beyond the one you have reached.   Life is a journey without end if you don’t put any limits on it.




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