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Facing Your Past Anxieties


Anxiety (Photo credit: Joana Roja – work and migraines – coming back..)

Facing your past anxieties is difficult.  Just when you think you have faced them all, something new comes up.  I become down right unreasonable, short with other people, and reclusive.  Anything you are afraid of facing like being unsure about your self, damaging a relationship, etc. can occur.

I have been fighting it rigorously for the past five years with mindfulness and meditation.  These two techniques can help you in facing your past anxieties, but they can’t eliminate them all.

You ultimately have to form your own theories about psychology and then begin to implement them and see if they work.  I have been cultivating a positive attitude and am working on being less judgmental of myself and others.  Working on yourself is important whether you do it with a form of self-help or you do it in a group or you do it with a therapist or counselor.  Some people find that their religious beliefs do this for them.


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