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How We Think We Need To Climb On Other’s Backs To Get Ahead

succeess&failureDo we need to climb on other’s backs to get ahead?  Why do we have to put other people down in order to bring ourselves up?  Why does success for one person have to mean failure for another?  On top of this, is the relentous push by many people in society to keep other people in their place.  My successes were hardly ever celebrated, but that fueled my drive to achieve which usually meant that somebody else lost.  Why do we need to climb on other’s backs to get ahead? Why does someone have to lose for someone else to win?

Socially I was not that successful.  I was a member of the “out group” which was made possible by the fact that there was a “in group.”  I was also bullied by the kids on the bus.  They had a lot of fun at my expense.  What made it worse was that the bus driver ( a high school dropout) facilitated this which made it even worse for me.  The kids who were teasing me made him feel accepted by the high school crowd so he did not try to stop them and ignored my plight.  It was all based on the idea that someone has to be made fun of to make someone else feel good.

To top it all off, it is better even yet if other people are envious of you and covet what you have attained.  This takes us back to feudal times when there was the Lord and his serfs.  It took a lot of serfs to maintain the Lord’s domain.  Maybe that’s why “they” want to keep ordinary people down.

It is hard to be humble and self-effacing in a world where winners are celebrated and raised above the rest.  Why do we have to climb on other’s backs to get ahead?  The more each one of us succeeds, the more we can do for the rest.


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