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Is It Selfish To Put Yourself 1st?

rp_2504675944_cd089abac4_m.jpgIs it selfish to put yourself first?  Sometimes it isn’t selfish to put yourself first.

What about?





Often putting “self-” in front of a word automatically makes it unacceptable.  What makes people do this?

To get their own way.

To make other people feel that they are being selfish and to be more likely to share.

So other people can be selfish.

Life is a competition and they do it to put themselves in first place.

Threaten a person’s sense of security

Help to devalue others.

How can being self-confident help you?

It is more likely to help you succeed.

It would attract other people to you to help you fulfill your task.

It generates “positive” energy which can be very helpful.

It sends all the distracting “negative” thoughts away.






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