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Orders Are Easy To Give, But Hard To Follow

“Orders are easy to give, but hard to follow.”   Thought for the day!

Have you ever been “bossed around”?  Someone else can think of a million things for you to do and before you get one thing done, they can think of several other things for you to do.

Have you ever been given an order that takes more time to figure out than it takes to follow it?  It seems perfectly clear to the person doing the bossing; but not to you.  Worse yet, they leave you to figure it out on your own and are upset when you don’t get it done right when they come back to see how you are doing.

Sometimes what a person tells you to do is as “clear as mud”.  It involves “technical terms” that you don’t know and when you go find someone to help you with it, they ask you a question for which the person giving the order did not give an answer.

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