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Just A Short Post To Let You Know That I Am Taking A Break

rp_4266893491_71b4f4f722_m.jpgIf you haven’t figured this out before now, I am just one person and have no one to substitute write for me if I am busy elsewhere.  During this short break, I hope to generate lots of “new” material.  I hope to receive some inspiration that will take this website even further than it has gone already.  I am not sure what the direction that will be but then that is the joy of discovering new things.  Not knowing what you are going to find.  I will be practicing what I preach and that is learning new things about the world and who I am in it.  You know you can’t take a break without planning for it and making sure that things are taken care of .   I have several different roles in life and it takes some time and attention to make sure that they all get taken care of.

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