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Learning A New Program Has Never Been Easier

English: Image of a now obsolete hardware type...

English: Image of a now obsolete hardware type word processor. ‪Norsk (nynorsk)‬: Teksthandsamingsmaskin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What A Way To Go.  I have been trying to get my presence known on the internet.  I have been at it on and off (mostly on) for the past  five years.  Before that I mostly used the word processing,  email, and check account balancing software.  I even temporarily mastered how to do spread sheets at one time.  You are asking what this has to do with My Everyday Psychology.  While I tried many different “work-at-home” outside sources and invested hard earned money.  And yes, I had gotten taken by a few scams.  Mostly the tutoring that I got went over my head and was hard to implement.

Part of the reason, was that I was given a lot of material at once and then had to try it out on my own later.  I never could read my notes from those sessions and I found it hard to follow on the computer screen what was being showed to me.  When I got stuck and I almost always did, I had nowhere to go for help so not only could I not do what I was being taught to do but also I was so far removed from the attempt the next time I had a consultation, I had to start all over again  No wonder they probably thought I was clueless.Woman-on-phone-at-computer-copy

I needed one-on-one interaction right at my own computer on my own sites so I could solve real problems that had been dogging me right away.  I got some good stuff that I wanted to try out right away before I forgot it and my consultant Michelle (how about that a woman tech for a woman user) let me break in the middle of the session to see if what she told me worked when I did it myself.  It did.  Then I reached the saturation point and asked if I could do the rest of the session (I had two hours) after I had a few days to absorb what she had shown me.  There was no problem.

It was a step by step set of instructions where I could correct my errors as I made them and could see a finished correct result.  We worked on my particular problems and I got information on the things that I didn’t already know.  There was no wasted time getting or giving the basics that I didn’t need.  I thought the rate was reasonable and worth every penny and wished I had found them sooner.  They certainly literally were the answer to my prayers for assistance.  I had tried every kind of resource and no one was familiar with what I was trying to do.  I even had computer classes at the local junior college in the past.  They were so unhelpful that I dropped out of an online course because I didn’t know what to do.computerconsulting

If you are a computer dropout like me who has barely struggled to get along in this high tech world, there are several software programs including Word Press (which I am using), Excell, and Powerpoint (among others) with which you can get expert help. Learning how to use a new program has never been easier.  See this list of programs on the TutorGrams webpage
They even taught me how to put this hyperlink in by myself.  No wasting time learning how to use a program you will never use or don’t need to know right now.

I am genuinely not computer literate and I wasn’t born into the electronic age, but I live there.  You know what I said about the word, “I can’t” phrase, it stops you in your tracks and you are never going to get anywhere if you constantly use it.  Maybe you will even hire someone to do some of this work for you; but wouldn’t it be nice to understand what they will be doing and to be able to see if it wrong?

"Let me see here,"

“Let me see here,”

I am a book person and have always felt that  I can get farther  faster and learn something in more detail with a book versus a DVR or a webcast or a CD.  Still there is usually no one-on-one interaction in these and definitely no real time practice.  Even if you get to ask questions, with a group you probably will only get one or two questions answered and the rest will either be over your head or something you already know or something that you don’t need to know about at the time  But books often don’t go far enough and/or assume you already know something you don’t and they can’t keep up with the changes to WordPress as they happen so often.  I know you techies are out there but you do know you have your own slang and often skip steps (maybe things you do automatically or unconsciously).  It is like what happens with instruction manuals.  They are written by the persons who don’t need them for the people who do.  Isn’t there something wrong here?

If I am going from Redbud, IL to Oak Park,IL near Chicago, IL, don’t start me at a city near Redbud (like St.Louis, MO) and drop me off  somewhere in Chicago and assume that I will get me where I am going.  Start at my level and take me to your level if that is where I need to go.  Go ahead write an instruction book but give it to some person like me who is going to use it and doesn’t know what you know to try it out.  I still can’t find in the manual included with my car how to change the time on the clock when the time changes.

Check This Fellow Out!

Check This Fellow Out!

Try TutorGrams.  It works the way you want it to work.  Check out TutorGrams if you would like one on one tutoring for software programs




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