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Regarding Obstacles

Feeling insecure or unsure often results from being questioned about everything you do.  Not only is the question challenging, but also the tone of voice used.  It is like driving with the emergency brake on; you might have been reasonably sure of what you wanted to do; but what somebody else says leads you to question your decision and perhaps to even not implement it.  This can lead to a backlog of unimplemented decisions which can block your road to success in some desired goal.  Often we spend more time questioning our decisions after making them than we do actually making the decisions.

If you are a list maker, it may be that your lists of things that you need to do something about are loaded with reminders regarding the need to make some of these decisions which you once thought that you had made, but became uncertain about when your decision-making capacity came into question.

As mentioned in the previous post (which was also about obstacles), tasks pile up when we don’t make decisions.  Sometimes we think too much.  For example, you decide you don’t need or use something anymore, but begin to feel guilty about just throwing it in the trash instead of recycling even though there are no recycling pick ups in your area and you wait on making your decision about it because you feel you should recycle it even though it might waste more resources to take it somewhere than it saves by recycling.  If this continues, soon someone will begin to think you need an intervention for hoarding.

Decision Making Chart

Decision Making Chart (Photo credit: West Virginia Blue)

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