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When You Know You Are Alone in the World

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How to make your life work for you.  What you can do to help yourself.  This is everybody’s responsibility to do for themselves.

When did you first realize that you were alone in the world?  Was it when your mother or father first put you to bed and let you cry yourself to sleep?  When did you first think about thinking (this is called metacognition)?  Was this when you first realized that you were a separate individual?  Rather lonely wasn’t it.  From feeling safe and warm cozy in our family to feeling cold and alone.

I first realized this when I went to school at age five.  I was on my own and my parents weren’t necessarily on my side.  I learned to keep secrets from them when what I did was not acceptable to them.  They were no longer always on my side.  They expected something of me that I couldn’t or wouldn’t produce.  I had a lot of spirit then but it usually led me to tears.  Was this the beginning of weltschmerz? (world pain).  I realized my parents didn’t understand me and probably never would.  How alone is that!


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