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logoI am a mental health professional with many years of experience in the areas of clinical psychology, child development, physical and mental disabilities, prison work, psychological assessment and diagnosis, and psychotherapy.  I also have had some experience teaching college and giving lectures.

I have always been interested in ways to help ordinary people live better and happier lives, in ways to stop mental health problems before they start, and in ways to help people form a philosophy of life that leads to making satisfactory decisions about their life.  My motto has always been “Fostering Human Growth and Development”.

Wife of a farmer and mother of three born later in life.  Currently, grandmother of ten, one of which is in middle school, three of which are in grade school, one of which is in kindergarten, three of which are preschoolers and two of which are infants. All total, five boys and five girls.

Born and raised and now living in a rural area, educated in mostly urban areas and received practical experience in psychology in both rural and urban areas. I have had many years of education and of continuing education.  I have a college degree, a master’s degree, a doctoral degree, and completed a two-year post-doctorate.  Currently interested in getting involved more with psychology online, and did teach part-time psychology classes at the local junior college. Still licensed to practice as a Ph.D. psychologist in my current state of residence.

Interests: finding the answers to life’s questions through study and meditation, attending workshops and reading material involving new areas in my field, enjoying my family and learning something new about something every day.

Based on my knowledge and experience, I have come to what I think are some useful conclusions about life.  Things I feel that everybody might benefit from knowing even if they don’t totally agree with them.  They are ones that might get you to thinking about the issue and eventually lead to you coming to your own conclusions.  In the practice of psychology, the goal is to help a person understand things better and having done this, to aid them in making their own decisions with this new information.

Joy L, Baker, Ph.D.