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Maybe You Should Watch What You Say Or Your Advice Is Telling On You

adviceduckSometimes the most revealing thing about yourself that you can do is offer somebody else advice.  Maybe what you are telling another person is what you need to hear yourself.

“Take good care of yourself.  You belong to me.”  What does this line from a song which you might sing to a loved one tell you about how you should treat yourself?

Have you ever been told, “You talk too much,” by someone who talks too much himself.

How many times has a snorer complained to a bed partner about his or her snoring?

“Don’t worry, be happy.”  Do you, when you say this someone, wish that the other person would quit telling you about their troubles and concerns all the time?  Have you ever done the latter but not the former.

I also read recently that all our knowledge is within us. But we just need to have it come out in some way that we can recognize it.

The human brain is a marvelous organ.  It can learn; it can unlearn; it can open up new areas that give you new possible abilities.  It seemingly never stops changing.  True you are not as flexible when you get older as you were when you were younger and if you suffer some disease or damage to the brain it might interfere with its ability to adjust to new situations.  Each is unique and molded by nature and nurture.

We often criticize and blame others because we do not want to be responsible for our own behavior and/or we envy others or are jealous of what they have acquired.  We often focus so hard on what others do that we don’t focus on what we can do. Just because some skill is popular and or rewarded unrealistically monetarily doesn’t mean your skills and latent abilities are useless and/or can hamper you from ever being a success.

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